Why Most Food Outlets Fails?

image of Restaurant front

If you’ve good quality food, It’s easy to grow your outlet.

How many times you heard it?

This was the advice that, My father used to hear from his relatives, friends… When he started his own little food outline nearly a decade ago…

Eventually, Food Outlet got closed. I was a 10 years old kid at that time. I saw the financial crisis in my family (Another Story for another day)

Tell Me, What is the reason behind his failure.

You’re right, The reason was lack of marketing. He was having everything at that time…

  • Good Food
  • Good Staff
  • Good Looking Design

He was having a lack of customers. Every time, I used to visit the outlet. Hardly, 1 or 2 tables were occupied.

He was having lacking marketing. He followed the old school advice. Good Food is equated to more customers. But this is not true.

We need to add the spice of marketing + customer satisfaction to make it better. The formula is;

Good Food + Good Marketing + customer Satisfaction = Successful Outlet.


You got the formula. Now, This is the time the add the spice to your marketing strategy…

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