October 09, 2021 • 2 min read

Software Engineers Should Be Replaced By No-Code

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Your job is not in jeopardy by no-code tools.

Software engineers have formed opinions around no-code, many of which claim that they're taking away jobs by eliminating the need to build custom solutions by hand.

Let me tell you why that's a good thing.

No-code unlocks potential

Look no further than Shopify.

The largest publicly traded Canadian company is a no-code tool.

Their interface is so simple even your grandma could spin up an e-commerce store in minutes.

From personal experience building websites of this caliber is no easy feat, requiring a ton of technical experience and patience to get things published to the web.

Let's reframe how the world is using no-code

Let's use software to handle the repeatable 80% of our work, and move onto the 20% that requires deep thought and teamwork.

Take a second to think of all the jobs that have been "replaced" in the last few decades due to technology advancements. In hospitals, grocery stores, warehouses, schools.

Leaning on technology decreases inefficiencies and allows industry experts to move on and apply their knowledge to new problems.

Still struggling to accept this? Here are 3 tips to help it sink in.

Tip #1: Cost of entry. The average person who wants to start a business can't afford custom software. Enable these people with no-code to democratize commerce on the web.

Tip #2: Where did you begin? A large portion of software engineers today built their first website with tools like Wordpress, Wix, Joomla. No-code was your gateway drug.

Tip #3: Drop your ego. Developers love their code because they built it. Time to drop your ego. Give up your comfort building another CRUD app. Apply your expertise elsewhere.