October 24, 2021 • 2 min read

Creators Building In Public Need This One Reminder To Stay Consistent & Fulfilled

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Ever felt overwhelmed building in public?

All creators have gone through this in their journey.

You surround yourself with driven, intelligent, growing people working in a similar niche.

Somehow though they always seem to be one step ahead.

Ever let the numbers get in your head?

  • Likes

  • Views

  • Engagement

Social platforms tease you with this information as a way to squeeze as much content out as possible.

Ever wonder when your big break will come?

When the algorithm picks your name out a hat, the creator you look up to engages with your content, a journal offers you an interview since your niche is becoming popular.

The problem is no one knows when that'll happen, and it can be a long road to get there.

Remind yourself that you're building in public - trust the process and enjoy the journey!

Think about how long it takes to build a home. Foundation, scaffolding, structure, plumbing, electrical, dry-wall. These things all take time - there's no way to hack your way to a finished home without putting in the work.

The same advise can be applied to building in public. You're learning as you go, and doing your best to stay on top of all the things that it takes to be a creator. Through consistency you create opportunity for growth.

Put yourself in the hero's journey - the hero must face adversity and conquer they're greatest challenge to triumph at the end of the story.

The top creators in the world walked the same path in your shoes, they just happened to do it before you.